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S.Cinders Release Blitz and Sneak Peak for, Pavo.



★★★ NEW RELEASE ★★★★

Title:     Lycan Mating Games: Pavo, Book 1

By:                         S. Cinders

Series: Dragon Kings – Book 1

Hash tags:           #blushingbooks #eclipsepress #scinders #paranormalromance #lycanmatinggames

Tag Line:              “Crawl, human. You have not earned the right to walk.”

Release:           June 27, 2019

Amazon Link:


*”Let’s just say that the other realms have been reminded of our presence.
Take the message to the wolves that the dragons are coming.” – Titania,
Lycan Mating Games 3*

In the generations since the Lycans came to Earth, they have forgotten
their true beginnings. There are said to only be five realms that are
connected to ours: Earth, Pavo, Fae, Asgard, and the Shadow Lands.

This is a story about Pavo, the dragon realm, and the four dominant Dragon
Kings who rule there. For years there has been a liaison between the realms
to supply the lusty dragons with sensual companionship. Zoe, a voluptuous
librarian, accidentally stumbles upon the earthly portal and is transported
to Pavo. Upon first glance of her beauty, Cane knows that he must have her
in his bed – no matter the cost. Zoe finds herself drawn to the alpha
dragon king and his fiery temperament. But a dragon could never mate with a
human – could he?

Meanwhile, a sinister evil far greater than anything they have yet faced is
coming for the Lycans. Thankfully, they have allies: wild, sensual
creatures with scales and wings. They are ancient beasts that have sworn to
protect the five realms.

Publisher’s Note: This action-packed, steamy sci-fi romance contains
elements of power exchange.


Just some little nibbles:

“Giants! Of course, there are giants, I mean why in the hell wouldn’t there be giants?”

Titus rolled his eyes and regretted for the hundredth time bringing the half-breed along. It was obvious that she didn’t have the stamina for such a journey. She was tired, irritable, and damned distracting.

There had been more than one occasion that his younger brother, Cane, had outright laughed when Titus was paying too much attention to her and not enough to his flying.

“Seems the half-breed is growing on you,” Cane said, not caring that Ava could hear their conversation, since she was currently clasped in his claw.

“Like a fungus,” Titus rumbled and then winced when she bit down on his thumb. “Stop it! I almost dropped you.”


“You will take ten strikes of the crop. Do you understand?”

Zoe nodded, fear and excitement prickling through her veins.

“Yes, Master.”

The first strike came quickly and stung like a bee sting. She hissed and almost forgot to count.

“One, Master,” she said before he could admonish her for not paying attention.

The next one struck the other cheek, and she blurted out her count, “Two, Master.” There was a third, a fourth, and then a fifth, all rather quickly, and she counted each one.

“Deep breaths, little mate, you are doing beautifully. Do you want me to tell you what I see?”

There were tears in her eyes when she looked back at him and replied, “Yes, Master.”

“I see your glorious ass reddened by my crop. I see your pink pussy, plump and opening further and further for me. I see the desire coating your folds and beginning to leak on your thighs.

Do you want a taste?”



“Are you afraid?” he asked in a dark voice.

Ava shook her head. The truth was that she was terrified, but she wasn’t about to share that with him. Her heart pounding and her knees shaking, she lifted her head in defiance. “No.”

He laughed, the low tones trickling over her skin and causing her flesh to pebble. The first drip of hot wax on her stomach caused her to cry out. “Breathe, Ava, you will feel the sting fade.”

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