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The Stolen Princess by Nikki Jefford (Royal Conquest Saga #1) Release Blitz, Excerpt and Giveaway.

Stolen Princess
Nikki Jefford
(Royal Conquest Saga #1)
Publication date: November 11th 2018
Genres: Fairy Tales, Fantasy, New Adult, Retelling

She sacrificed herself to save her family from poverty…

The ball was only the beginning.

It wasn’t enough to kill my mate, heir to the throne. My obsessive Fae brother-in-law wants the crown. And he wants me ruling by his side.

I thought I was done with romance until a certain pompous elf reappeared in my life at the illustrious Monster Ball. A little teasing led to bruised lips and captured hearts. No one wants Jhaeros and me to be together, not even my favorite sister, Melarue. But she’s a teenager just coming into her elemental powers and discovering boys—the wrong kind—the type I want to shoot arrows through.

My royal in-laws are playing a treacherous game, and my brother-in-law is determined to get what he wants. But this elf princess no longer has a master. I don’t want a crown. I want freedom, family, and the love of a lifetime. But love might be the one thing that destroys us all.

**This book will now include the prequel novella Enemies and Lovers.

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Manors turned into modest, square homes, and then cute little cottages with multicolored flower boxes before I reached the ramshackle cottages. The road petered out, turning into heavily rooted dirt trails.
Children ran past me in tattered clothes. A young girl with golden curls ran right up alongside me. Before she ever brushed against my cloak, I tightened my hold around the knapsack. She looked all innocent, but Mel had taught me otherwise. I clutched the knapsack against my stomach and made my way to the cottage at the edge of the cluster—slightly separated from the rest.
Hopefully, Devdan still lived here. I needed his help hocking my jewels.
The place looked the same as I last remembered. It was modest but well kept. Fresh mud had recently been packed around the outer walls, and the roof looked like it had new thatching.
Smoke puffed from the chimney. Someone was home.
I knocked on the wood door.
“Who is it?” a deep, male voice called from within.
Yep, that sounded like Devdan all right. I sagged with relief. A familiar face was a comfort, even if the tone didn’t sound particularly friendly.
“Aerith,” I called.
The door flew open and Devdan appeared in the doorframe. He leaned against one side, an arm up high as though grasping for the low hanging roof. It had been nearly two years since I last saw him, and he’d filled out into a lean, muscular male. Just as he kept his dwelling, his trousers and tunic were simple but clean and free of tears. The light brown hair he’d worn messy before was cropped on the sides and thicker on top. I’d venture to say he looked dashing. Too bad he didn’t have the manners to go with the looks.
A pair of light brown eyes scanned me up and down. His lips formed a smirk. “The faerie princess returns.” Devdan dropped his arm and dipped into a mocking bow.
I narrowed my eyes. What crawled up his butt and laid eggs? “I have,” I said, “and I’m still an elf.”
He raised his brows. “What brings you to my shambles?”
The weight of the jewels pulled at my fingers. I didn’t exactly want to flash them around out in the open. “Care to invite me inside?” I suggested.
Devdan grinned deviously. “Of course, right this way.”
I ducked my head and stepped inside the dim, cramped quarters.
Devdan closed the door, making it even darker inside his tiny cottage. “Allow me to take your cloak,” he said. “As you can see, the bed is in the corner.”
I turned and glared at him. “That’s not why I’m here, and you know it.”
He shrugged and slouched to one side. “Thought you might have stopped by to scratch an old, lingering itch.”
I snorted. “Your itch, not mine.”
“What? Too good for your own kind?” Devdan sneered.
Okay, not only had fire ants crawled up his ass and laid eggs, but they’d hatched too. Why did females always get a rap for being confusing creatures when it was males who made no sense?
Well, if he wanted airs, I’d give him airs. I straightened my spine and lifted my head. Devdan was tall, but I still towered over him by half an inch. “Too good for you,” I clarified.

Author Bio:

Nikki Jefford is an award-winning, bestselling author of paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and quirky combinations in-between.

She is a third-generation Alaskan now living in the Pacific Northwest with her Westie, Cosmo, and her French husband, who she wouldn’t trade in for anyone–not even Spike or Mr. Darcy!

When she’s not writing, she’s reading, walking, or out riding her motorcycle, a Honda CB500F, (so long as it’s sunny and warm)!

To get in on the fun and adventure, visit Nikki at her website for release alerts, updates, exclusive giveaways, and a free story when you subscribe to her newsletter: http://nikkijefford.com/

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